The 361º is a biannual publication that deals with the world of art, creativity, and expression. Explores the connections between creators and creations through alternative aesthetics providing young artists a platform to showcase their work alongside more well-known referents.

The magazine gives a fresh point of view rotating 90º each section in order to break the reading flow giving a unique feel to the piece.

The first issue explores the Body, how it's been represented through history, how it's being represented nowadays, and how the social perception of our bodies impacts us as a whole. Each section is tailored to a specific body part. Head and shoulders, Torso, Identity, Legs and genitalia, and finally a selection of interesting highlights at the end.


-Abel Azcona
-Emma de Clerq
-Lianne Kersten
-Lisa Le Fetuvre
-Liana Satenstein
-Maria Cuoco
-Miss Rosen
-Vivian Cheng
-Andrew d’Angelo
-Andres Eidson
-Ben Cole
-Eivind Hansen

︎︎︎ Collaboration with Stephanie Vellit

︎︎︎All photographs, illustrations, projects and texts featured are copyright property of their original creators